Faust Brewing Co. Growth & Reopening

Where to start... I've never really "blogged" before, and there is so much happening at The Faust right now it's hard to keep up sometimes! I'll try not to get ahead of myself here and go back to the beginning. When Vance Hinton, the new owner of The Faust, took over in July of 2009, we were beyond excited at the prospect of reopening the brewery and adding a restaurant. Unfortunately, those plans had to be put on hold when we realized very quickly that we would need to reorganize our priorities, and that the brewery would have to take a back seat to all the changes and upgrades that needed to be made to the bar area itself and the hotel rooms.

We focused mainly on the bar at first, but despite all the work we had put into upgrading almost every aspect of it, and that The Faust Brewing Company had finally made it back on the radar as a great place to hang out, I still had a lingering feeling that something was missing. After almost a year, I felt sometimes as if we would never get the brewery itself back up and running. I had a specific person in mind to be our brew master, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find him. I had heard so many great things about his abilities as a brew master, and I knew from day one that if I could find him, I would do whatever it took to get him here. Then one day, in the summer of 2010, our visions of reopening the brewery suddenly seemed possible. I met a nice couple in the bar who had been asking me about the brewery, and if we had a brew master yet. After explaining that I couldn't find the person I really wanted, they asked who I was talking about. I told them his name was Ray Mitteldorf, and to my disbelief, a huge grin came across their faces as they chuckled and said, "Ray?? We know him! We'll call him right now for you!" The rest is basically history after that!

Now, with Ray as a part of our team, and after almost two years of waiting, the brewery is FINALLY back up and running and we couldn't be more excited! We recently released Altered States, our German Altbeir, which is our first official batch of beer from the big system. The Faust Golden Ale should be ready to serve later this week, and Ray will also be making an IPA this week, which should be ready just in time for San Antonio Beer Week at the end of May!

With beer in the tanks and a restaurant in the works, big things are going to be happening around here and I can't wait!

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