Dixon Beer on Tap!

We are excited to put Dixon Beer on tap! A Weeee Heavy Scottish Ale, aged in Ranger Creek Whiskey Barrels.


A very limited amount is availble, usually gone within a week. Martha from 50 Foot Marketing has helped us concept and brew this beer, click here to learn more.

Chocolate Stout available for the Winter


We have created a Chocolate Stout just for the winter. A rich, dark beer brewed with Ghirardelli chocolate, it is sure to please chocolate and beer lovers. Not only is it great to drink, it is great for baking delicious chocolate cakes and treats, so pick up a growler and enjoy!


New Year, New Beer

As my first year at Faust Brewing Company is coming to an end I would like to thank all the people I work with and the patrons that appreciate good beer. You have all made this a good year and a great place to work.

The second batch of Octoberfest is now history and a German Pilsner is in its place. On the tenth of December Martha Dixon from 50 Foot Marketing and I brewed a Scottish Wee Heavy in the parking lot at the Faust. It is a very kicked up version of a Scotch Ale. Yesterday I brewed a Chocolate Stout for a nice Winter change of pace. We now have two used Ranger Creek Bourbon barrels that one or both of these beers may spend some time resting in.
Well that is about all the news for now. Hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!

Collaboration Beer with 50 Foot Marketing and Design

Because we like to have fun and meet new people (who doesn't) we are beginning a new series of collaboration beers.

To kick off our series, we are collaborating with Martha Dixon of 50 Foot Marketing and Design. Why Martha? Because she and husband Justin Dixon have been long-time home brewers as well as The Faust's marketing company. Plus, they begged us.

So this Saturday, Dec. 10th, at 10am, we will be brewing a Wee Heavy Scottish Ale aged in Whiskey Barrels. These are not just any whiskey barrels, but the ever-so-hard-to-get Ranger Creek Whiskey Barrels. It only seemed right to use these barrels for this Wee Heavy so that we can give it the deep, complex flavor details that only a whiskey barrel can provide – much like the design work that comes from 50 Foot Marketing and Design.

This collaboration began with Ray and Martha discussing – over a Faust beer – what type of beer they wanted to make, and then identifying the kind of beer that would mesh the Faust's independent brand and Dixon's character. With a Scottish name like Dixon, and Martha's preference for stronger beers, the Wee Heavy was a perfect choice. Not just any Scottish ale, a Wee Heavy is sweeter and fuller-bodied, and of course higher in alcohol, with much more pronounced malty caramel and roasted malt flavors.

So if you're up and about this Saturday morning, come on over to the Faust and join our brew-making party. If you can't make it like us on Facebook, follow our blog(feed), or sign up for our newsletter (to the right) and we'll let you know when the Weeee Heavy is available on tap!

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Brew To Go - Growlers and Kegs


Going Tubing?

A Party?


From Stainless Steel Growlers to 5 gallon Kegs, we can make your group gathering or float a hit with our fine ales.

You need some Brew To Go.


Saturday 4-7pm

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