Research & Development

Hey there beer lovers! I have been very busy doing research and development for the brewery. I even went all the way to England looking for new types of beer to make. I did reconnect with my favorite English beer from Theakstons Brewery, an English Old Ale called Old Peculier. I am planning on reproducing it soon and calling it Old Asinine.

In more up to date info, the Holy Whit beer has been sent off to the World Beer Championships entered as a flavored wheat. On Friday June 15th I will be tapping the Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout. It is a very strong, intensely flavored dark stout so if that is your kind of thing I would plan on getting in Friday or Saturday because Sunday it will most likely be gone. Bourbon Barrel Bacon Brown Ale is in the works and should be out in three to four weeks.

Planning on brewing Old Asinine in the back parking lot on June 23rd, so if you want to come hang out and make some beer feel free to come. We usually start at 10 a.m. That is all the news for now, come out and eat, drink and be Merry!

Holy Whit!

Hey beer lovers! I figured it was time to give you a brewery update. As far as the big batches go, the India Pale Lager and Helles Bock are getting down towards the end and ready to replace them are Walter's Ghostly Pale Ale and the Summer seasonal Holy Whit, a wheat beer with made with Ginger and Honey!

On the Bourbon Barrel front, the Bourbon Barrel Wee Heavy will make another appearance probably on May 18th. An Imperial Stout will be the next to take up residence in the Barrels followed by the Bacon Brown Ale. I will give you a heads up when I decide on what will come next.

St. Patrick's Day

Hey beer lovers! In preparation for St. Patrick's Day the Dullahan Irish Stout is resting comfortably in bourbon barrels and the Hellfire Red is in the second stage of fermentation. So come on out on March 17th and join the party!

On tap now we have India Pale Lager for the hop lovers out there. Chocolate Stout will be here for a little while longer, and Altered States is here as always. The next seasonal coming up is a Helles Bock that is basically a lighter version of the famous Faust Octoberfest.

For all you homebrewers out there, we will be brewing the Brown Ale for the Bourbon Barrel Bacon Brown Ale in the back parking lot of the Faust on Saturday March 24th at about 10 a.m. Come by, hang out and have a blast!

See you at the pub!

Upcoming Beers

February 3rd brings the second beer in the Bourbon Barrel series to our taps. The Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Stout will be tapped at 4 o'clock. To add another dimension to this event we actually have the regular Chocolate Stout on tap also so you can compare the two and taste the transformation that aging in Bourbon Barrels for five weeks brings to the beer.
Next Friday, the 10th, will see the return of the Bourbon Barrel Wee Heavy. Each of these beers are only produced in one keg batches and will not last long so if you want to savor this special brew you need to get here this weekend because it will most likely be here for three days only.
Coming up as big batch seasonals we have India Pale Lager and Helles Bock.

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